Explore • Wander • Discover

From the first jingle of the leash, your dog knows that he is in for excitement. Keep that tail wagging as you explore new horizons, wander through the great outdoors and discover new favorite places to play with products that keep your best friend comfortable and safe.

Tall Tails offers a variety of products that are perfect for exploring: our collars, harnesses and leashes keep your pet secure and comfortably by your side.

Our absorbent towels help dry his fur after wandering through the rain or fishing his favorite ball out of a stream.

A comfortable blanket to use for a picnic or in the back seat on the drive home makes the perfect place for your furry friend to rest after a day of outdoor discovery.

Interactive toys provide hours of entertainment and bonding during outdoor adventures. From the backyard to the beach, our toys can be used for fetch, tug-of-war and countless other games.

Your dog was made for adventure. Our vast selection of Tall Tails products help your pet explore in style.